Amino Acid Therapy

An addiction is not just a craving for a substance, but a need and dependency for it.

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Since 1993

Stop the addiction

with very few withdrawal symptoms,
using Amino Acids to create healthy brain chemistry.

RecoverEaze, the amino acid formula, focuses on the physical aspect of an addiction rather than relying solely on the "white knuckle/willpower" approach to treatment and recovery. It directly targets the brain chemistry imbalances associated with drugs or alcohol addiction.

At Body Mind Recovery Technologies, we believe that by addressing the brain chemical deficiencies of an addiction, the individual now has created the foundation allowing for authentic recovery to unfold by utilizing the remainder of the techniques offered up by most rehabs and treatments center throughout. By feeding the brain the nutrition it requires, cravings are greatly reduced, and in most cases eliminated. Science has finally found an easier, softer way to stop the use of alcohol and drugs, and it's all natural.



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