Amino Acid Studies

Amino Acids are the building blocks of the brain and body tissues. Learn more about how they can assist in overall health and wellness.

Neuro - Restore: Natural Solutions for Neurotransmitter Disorders

Neurotransmitter Restoration - the Key to Depression, Anxiety and Other Neurotransmitter-Related Disorders. A deficiency of neurotransmitters (also called "NT's or "brain hormones") causes or contributes to a wide variety of diseases including depression, anxiety, and overweight / obesity.

Rebalancing The Meso-Limbic Reward Center:
A Bridge To The Enhancement Of Synaptic Splendor and Legal Rehabilitation.

Kenneth Blum, Ph.D., Judith Miller, Ph.D., and Steve Sewell, CACIII

Enkephalinase Inhibition and Precursor Amino Acid Loading Improves Inpatient Treatment of Alcohol and Polydrug Abusers

Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study of the Nutritional Adjunct SAAVE™

Kenneth Blum, Michael C. Tracgtenberg, Clyde E. Elliott, M. Lea Dingler, Robert L. Sexton, Alan I. Samuels, Louis Cataldie